5 Best Small Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

If there’s one thing that we learned from 2020, it’s the importance of small, tight-knit relationships with smaller groups. We got to take a closer look at our relationship with the people around us. Consequently, we learned of whom matters more and those we want to celebrate milestones with. Smaller parties may not be too ideal before but right now, take it as an opportunity to deepen relationships with only the best people in your life. Less pretentious, more fun too.

Toronto is abundant in party venues, but the real challenge is finding it in the right size. Of course, there is no need to worry because we prepared a rundown of the five best small party venues in Toronto that you may check out and book ASAP!

Best Small Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Bellamy Loft

Small Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario) Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft is one of the best small party venues in Toronto. Whatever you have in mind – soirees, brunch, corporate, or even weddings – they got you! Take a look at their superb portfolio and see how the blank, spacious venue turns into something breathtakingly different. The team behind this site maintains the site well and makes sure that each client gets the event of their dreams. Book an appointment now and discuss what you have in mind. They’ll be more than happy to make your dreams come true and done with flair.


Sassafraz Small Party Venue

Another perfect venue for an intimate group, Sassafraz is one of the best in Toronto. They have various venues available. For small groups, you can go with Bellair Room. It can house up to 32 guests seated and a little more guests for cocktails. Modern and classy, the furnitures and fixtures readily available add to the functionality and comfort of said room. Additionally, the warm light adds a cozy feel to the room’s atmosphere.

3.Gusto 101

Gusto 101 Private Venue

Gusto is an Italian word for taste, and no doubt, Gusto 101 knows well how to serve good food. Hold memorable events in their unique venues that can hold from small groups to many attendees. Their smallest venue is the Private Wine Cellar which can hold up to 20 guests, or Rooftop Party Table that can hold a bit more.

4.The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel Venue for Party

The Drake Hotel is indeed one of Toronto’s best small party venues because they know how to party! Though this is not owned nor related to the icon, Drake. They still boast a fantastic bar + restaurant set-up that gives off a cool, retro vibe. Plus point is they invite live bands or DJs to perform too! Dance the night away and leave your guests swooning till the break of dawn.

5.Leña Restaurante

Party like the Great Gatsby but with lesser people! This amazing golden room in Leña Restaurante sure will leave your guests in awe. Besides this, they have other fantastic spaces that are all exceptional in their own way. Each is showcasing different personalities so it’s not hard to find one that suits your event’s need best. Additionally, they offer South American cuisine so that it won’t be too much of a problem for picky eaters.

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