8 Best Sweet 16 Birthday Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

Coming of age parties are so fun. As a rite of passage within communities for decades, having a remarkable Sweet 16 Birthday Party has been a thing for years. Should you decide to opt and have a grandiose celebration alaGreat Gatsby or an intimate dinner with your tight-knit family, this list is what you need.

In this list, we will list banquet halls, casual event venues and modern event spaces. As follows are the eight best Sweet 16 birthday party hall rentals in Toronto that you can check out and find the best for you (or your daughter, in case)!

sweet 16 birthday party halls for rent

1.Bellamy Loft – North York

Proven and tested to cater and deliver spectacular events, Bellamy Loft sure knows how to party! The event venue is indeed superb and well-maintained on its own. You can easily dress its spacious room up to whatever you have in mind. Check out their website and book an appointment. Let the team know what your heart desires – should it be a rustic fairytale, a decade party, or any other theme. See them work their magic and just dance the night away at the party of your dreams. To add, they have amazing furniture and fixtures you may rent out. Go big or go home, as they say.

2. Second Floor Events

Well, who deserves to go second on this list besides Second Floor Events? This company offers their huge warehouse-type events place that is perfect for events of all sizes. From weddings to birthdays, the venue witnessed many milestones over the years and still manage to age like fine wine. They offer comprehensive amenities that contributed a lot to the success of previous events they housed.

3. Clubhouse Eventsplace

Clubhouse Eventsplace Sweet 16 Birthday Venue

Party until the sun comes up in the Clubhouse Eventsplace. Go through their standard decor offerings and prepared to be impressed. However, if you are looking at something more tailor-fit to you, they’ll be more than happy to discuss this and make your dreams come true. A venue that is genuinely great even for nighttime. Imagine having a stunning floral arrangement, and fancy lights sprinkled all over the place. If you don’t love it already, we don’t know what else you’re looking for.

4. The Burroughes

The Burroughes Venue Place

A great venue that is accessible anywhere in Toronto, The Burroughes is an iconic event place within the city. Popular for corporate and wedding events, you can easily book any of the three venues available. You can go with the rooftop with a 360-degree cityscape view, a classic brick room on the 6th floor, or an industrialized warehouse-like room they have.

5. Chez Lavelle

Chez Lavelle Restaurant

Chez Lavelle is indeed one of the best Sweet 16 birthday party venues in Toronto. Be the talk of the town by holding your party in here with your dearest friends. You may choose between the superb restaurant or the scenic rooftop pool. Moreover, they offer world-class cuisine on top of the already superb venues they have. You may add minor decors further if you want to add your own flair to the venue.

6. Malaparte

Malaparte Sweet 16

Stunning and breathtaking are two words that’ll perfectly describe Malaparte. If these words haven’t convinced you yet to check this event place out, we hope you will because you will never regret it. Located on the 6th floor of a building in the heart of Toronto, prepare to be in awe when you see how this venue oversees Toronto. Amazingly, their website offers an online tour so you can navigate the venue and have a first-hand experience without leaving your house.

7. Oretta


Oretta is a fantastic venue you can check out for your Sweet 16 birthday. It’s a pretty known place that offers outstanding Italian cuisine with free-flowing wine. Perfect for intimate dinner with your squad, make sure to share a bunch of stories and create lots of memories. You only turn 16 once, and you got to make the most out of it! Truly a stylish place that is perfect for a person with a taste like you.

8.The Carlu

The Carlu Venue

Something that transcended time, The Carlu proves to not only carry history but be part of every Canadian’s story too. It opened in 1930 but was just reopened and renovated in 2003. Feel like an elite with a sophisticated set-up, roll out a red carpet, and invite an orchestra or classical musicians to perform. A great party doesn’t need to be as loud and gauche as Gatsby to be remembered. More often than not, paying attention to details actually makes things remarkable.

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