10+ Top Companies to Apply for Marketing Internships in Toronto 

Do you want to start a marketing career in Toronto? Landing a marketing internship with a top-notch company can be the perfect springboard to success. And the benefits of joining these marketing internships? They’re boundless. You’ll gain hands-on experience, sharpen your skills, and build a network of industry contacts that could shape your future career. To streamline your hunting, we’ve listed some of the best companies to apply for marketing internships in Toronto.

1. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up is renowned for its expertise in helping modern businesses scale faster through building personalized brands and conversion-focused websites. They’re seeking talented and motivated marketing interns to assist with launching ad campaigns, developing content for social media, maintaining website content, and supporting day-to-day marketing operations.

2. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft offers a versatile event space customizable to any vision. As a boutique venue, they specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for weddings, corporate meetings, and more. Their unpaid internship/volunteer opportunity will develop your skills in communication, organization, and digital marketing tools under the guidance of an experienced team.

3. VintageBASH

VintageBASH is Toronto’s go-to decor and floral studio for weddings and events, offering a range of decor rentals and services. And they welcome marketing interns to engage in diverse tasks including content creation for blogs, eBooks, and social media, as well as assisting with website maintenance and event support.

4. Scale District

Scale District empowers industry leaders with strategic real estate websites, branding, and lead generation services. They also want to empower university/co-op students and fresh graduates through their marketing internships. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and join real-world projects involving ad campaigns, social media strategies, website content optimization, and more.

5. Plain In Love

Plain In Love makes wedding planning easy, enjoyable, and stress-free by crafting personalized experiences for couples. Joining their internship program allows you to work on exciting projects, contribute fresh ideas, and make a real impact from day one.

6. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff connects great people with great opportunities. As a staffing agency, they make hiring and finding work easier and better for both candidates and companies. If you join their internship, some exciting roles include launching and managing ad campaigns, assisting with social media strategy and sales funnel design, and creating engaging content across various online platforms.

7. Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment is a live entertainment company that produces concerts, festivals, and events that uplift and inspire audiences worldwide. The intern position at Live Nation involves assisting in all aspects of paid marketing for summer events, from digital to traditional advertising. 

8. Mani Wonders

Mani Wonders Inc. is an emerging product design brand in Toronto specializing in fashion technology and lifestyle products. If you become their marketing intern, you’ll primarily engage with customers, create content for various channels, manage social media, and assist with brand development.

9. PSD Citywide

PSD Citywide offers research, consulting, and software services to the public sector market, specializing in enterprise asset management and financial budgeting for municipalities. As their marketing intern, you’ll contribute to content creation, social media management, and project support, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic industry.

10. Amanah Tech Inc.

via amanah.com 

Amanah Tech Inc. is a trusted provider of data center services in Toronto, offering colocation and cloud connectivity solutions. Want to join their talented team? You’ll be responsible for assisting with event planning, social media marketing, content creation, and more, gaining valuable skills in digital marketing.

11. Metrix Group Inc.

Metrix Group Inc. provides strategy and design solutions in learning & development, healthcare marketing, and career development. Your role as their marketing intern involves creating engaging campaigns, managing social media channels, and supporting various projects, contributing to the company’s growth and success.


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