10 Best Flower Shops in Toronto (Ontario) 2024

Flowers can brighten up any day, in our case, it can definitely give life to the current pandemic situation. As a matter of fact, any situation, event, or occasion can be made more special with floral arrangements. You can make someone feel special through a bouquet or make a wedding grandiose through floral styling. On the positive side, you can encourage a friend, send your well-wishes for the sick, or simply cheer up your home with blooms.

You can go the traditional way of buying a bunch of one kind of flower and send it, or you can up the ante and show how much you care with a curated arrangement. Below you’ll see the magic and creativity from Toronto’s best florists. Make sure you bookmark this page and let us know which one is your favorite!

PS: Most of these amazing vendors offer flower delivery or curbside pickup.

best toronto flower shops & GTA flower delivery

1. FloralBASH

Floral Bouquet

FloralBASH is a floral shop that can cater to any event or occasion. Their style is modern and contemporary but always classy. They have set arrangements in their shop but you can always contact them for customized orders. They’ll gladly work with you to achieve the bouquet you need for a specific event or person. Regardless if it’s one bouquet, a large arrangement, or flower styling for an event, FloralBASH can do it all for you.

Rachel A. Clingen Boutique Blooms


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The team behind Rachel A. Clingen Wedding and Events Design truly has a heart for making things beautiful. Aside from gorgeous set-ups using a wide variety of props and decors they have sourced from all over the world, their incredible floral team transforms venues into breathtaking sights.

They recently opened their Rachel A. Clingen Boutique Blooms for your luxury bouquet needs. You no longer need to wait for a grand occasion to see their beautiful work. You can expect only the best from the same team that makes expert wedding setups. Have a look at their stunning arrangements or customize your own. They’re most certainly the best stylish delivery flowers for every occasion.

May Flowers

May Flowers
Photo credit: https://www.mayflowers.ca

May Flowers is committed to sustainable floristry by sourcing their products from local farms. They are a small, quaint flower shop that creates wild and one of a kind arrangements for every day, special occasions, or weddings. Their love for flowers is evident in each and every single piece they include in their bouquets. Their designs are unique and the attention to detail is topnotch.

Altogether, May Flowers creates unique and eco-friendly arrangements that are stunning. You can support local through their shop and stay awhile for great coffee, too. By all means, enjoy their beautiful flowers as you relax and unwind in the cafe.


Photo credit: Sweetpea’s

One of the most popular florists in Toronto today, Sweetpea’s has a loyal client base that can attest to their wonderful service and one of a kind pieces. Whether it’s for a wedding, everyday flowers, or a special event, they do not recycle arrangement designs. You’ll surely be getting a unique bouquet and you can always customize too.

Their practices are eco-friendly and socially responsible. Flower enthusiasts rejoice, they even have a floral subscription service for your daily dose of flower power.

Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers
Photo credit: wildnorthflowers.com

Special doesn’t necessarily mean grandiose. The small details, the creative design and arrangement coupled with colors that beautifully complement each other, that’s what Wild North Flowers is all about.

You can choose from their hand-tied bouquets to their dainty vase arrangements. All their flowers come from Ontario farms and you may be pleased to know that a percentage of their sales are donated to local communities as well. You’ll be assured that your flowers are always fresh and completely custom designed. Expect and you’ll get only the best.

Tonic Blooms

Tonic Blooms
Photo credit: https://tonicblooms.com

Raphi and Michael of Tonic Blooms believe that flowers should be a source of joy and that’s exactly what they seek to achieve with every delivery they make. They carefully curate and select only the freshest and best quality flowers to make sure their clients are nothing short of delighted when they receive their bouquets.

They offer a 2-hour delivery service in Toronto which is a lifesaver for anyone who failed to remember an anniversary or birthday. With the intention of bringing joy through flowers, Tonic Blooms is your affordable, high-quality, and most of all, reliable florist for all seasons.

Summerhill Floral Boutique

 Summerhill Floral Boutique
Photo credit: Summerhill Floral Boutique

Summerhill Floral Boutique is more than your typical floral shop, it carries plants and home décor as well. They use different kinds of premium flowers to make fresh out of the garden-inspired arrangements.

Walking into their boutique is like stepping into a forest full of greenery and flowers. They carry fresh local blooms as well as specialty flowers. In the hands of their talented florists, these become works of art waiting to be given to that special someone.

Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl
Photo credit: LV Imagery

A floral service that sources their flowers from local farms, Coriander Girl offers unique garden-style arrangements that come in beautiful colors and textures. With the use of greens and vases, their bouquets and event set-ups are able to tell a story through their creativity and art.

Beautiful, natural, customized, and never “forced,” Coriander Girl arrangements are great for any occasion be it weddings or for the everyday sweet gesture. Their flower subscription service lets you or the person you’re gifting it to experience beauty and warmth through blooms. Their style is timeless, classy, unexpected, and lovely.

Pistil Flowers

Pistil Flowers
Photo credit: https://pistilflowers.com

With their modern and elegant take on arrangements, Pistil Flowers has become a trusted shop for all your flower needs. You can choose from prearranged designs or work with their florists for a custom bouquet.

They are a perfect choice especially for the busy bee bride to be. Because flowers are a source of happiness and beauty, they have made the whole process significantly easy. With this purpose in mind, they even have wedding packages that make styling and planning stress-free.

Quince Flowers

Quince Flowers

Founded by Rosie Jeffares who has a deep love for flowers, her shop, Quince Flowers is likewise staffed by like-minded individuals. The result? Exquisite arrangements for any season, occasion, and life event. They create unique designs that will surely be appreciated by anyone who receives them. The designs are carefully made from premium quality flowers and handled properly like the true work of art that they are.

They have Wonderbloom bouquets that are available through their subscription service. By getting to know your taste and style, they curate a bespoke bouquet that you get once a month. Without a doubt, you will love their work.

There’s nothing quite like the joy of receiving flowers that were arranged with care and thorough attention to detail thoughtfulness. Indeed, it is a happiness that comes from the beautiful arrangement and the thoughtfulness of the sender. Undeniably, these are uncertain times. Flowers can truly become a beacon of light that shows how we care for each other, still.

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