10 Top Wedding Officiants in North York

The ceremony is certainly the most essential part of the wedding. So, the decision in choosing the officiant is just as crucial. You are entrusting your story, vows, and the best day of your lives to someone else. As a matter of fact, the whole program flow will follow the officiant’s lead. Having said this, we urge you to look for someone that can deliver a heartfelt service regardless of the type of ceremony you prefer.

On the positive side, we’ve done the research and listed down North York’s 10 best wedding officiants. Whether it’s a simple, traditional, modern, cultural, or LGBTQ ceremony, you’ll be sure to find someone that resonates with you. Read on to find out more!

Best Wedding Officiants & Celebrants in North York

  1. GTA Ceremonies

Wedding Vows

GTA Ceremonies is a group of legal wedding officiants serving Toronto, GTA and Ontario (Canada). They offer off-site and on-site services. It’s a sister company of Bellamy Loft. If in case one gets sick, another professional officiant can take over.

  1. Bellamy Loft

Wedding Officiant Toronto

Bellamy Loft offers wedding officiant services with a beautiful ceremony venue. They can also offer officiant services offsite. Add-ons can be added like venue, photographer, videography, reception, inclusive packages and more. Check out their officiant packages here (click here).

  1. Marrying Lady—Tara Credgeur

The Marrying Lady

When you say wedding officiant, one of the most sought-after and well-known in the Toronto district is Tara Credgeur—The Marrying Lady. Aside from great reviews from past clients, she offers budget-friendly packages that can cater to different clients.

She proudly offers different ceremonial rites ranging from various religious and cultural backgrounds to the simple and heart-felt. Get a fully personalized ceremony with Tade. She highlights what’s truly important and will surely make your wedding day unforgettable.

  1. Garry Francis

Garry Francis
You can’t go wrong with choosing Garry Francis. He is among the top and best wedding officiants in Ontario. His attention to detail is clear on his website where you’ll be able to find out more about him, read excellent reviews, and also find a plethora of resources that can help with your wedding planning.

He can create a ceremony unique to you. Extremely helpful from the beginning until the vows, he is highly recommended and adored for a reason. With Garry as your officiant, you can relax and be sure that your day will be as special as you always dreamt of it to be. He is beloved not only by couples but also by other wedding vendors. There is not enough praise for his talent, professionalism, and character.

  1. Alex Rajak

Alex Rajack

A wedding officiant needs to understand your story and be able to communicate this well on your day. If you want someone that can convey this to your family and friends in an earnest and heartwarming way, Alex Rajak is your guy.

He is as determined as you are to make your wedding a true celebration of love. He creates timeless ceremonies that you and your loved ones can look back on with happiness. His passion is to bring out authentic emotion, and he delivers each time. With over 600 5-star reviews, choosing may be one of the best decisions for your big day.

  1. Wedding Officiant Canada

Wedding Officiant Canada

Wedding Officiants Canada is made up of 9 wonderful individuals that are devoted to delivering exceptional ceremonies that become fixed in the mind of everyone in attendance. They belong to a pool of the most desirable vendors in Toronto and North York. You might be pleased to know that they are consistently part of the best officiant lists, too.

They leave their marks in creating fun, exuberant, sincere, and lively ceremonies. Each one unique to the couple. They can make beautiful memories because they believe in each one’s distinct love stories and they are sincerely passionate about making your wedding day THE best day of your lives.

  1. Ray Cross

Ray Cross

Photo by: brideschoiceofficiant.com

Rev. Ray Cross is a treasure in the world of officiating weddings. His commitment to bringing warmth and excitement to all his ceremonies, big or small, makes him a wonderful pick for your day. He customizes his services and will officiate your wedding as you like it. May it be religious, non-religious, secular, humorous, or cultural. Let him know and he’ll gladly oblige.

His packages come in different price ranges to accommodate any budget. He also has an incredible wedding day resource, the Bride’s Candy Store, which is valuable in planning. Professional, fun, and genuine, he really is one of North York’s best.

  1. Weddings for Everyone—Beth MacKenzie

Beth MacKenzie

Her website is an accurate representation of what Beth represents, love for anybody and everybody. She has officiated different ceremonies that encompass diverse cultures, beliefs, and situations. Trust her to handle each one with sincerity as she works with you to make your wedding day unique.

She believes in making “your wedding, your way!” Understanding the important parts of your relationship and incorporating the most special elements make her ceremonies unique. Beth caters to all her couples and offers help from the beginning until the actual day.

  1. Ceremonies with Choice—Martin Firth

Martin FirthIf you’re looking for a secular officiant, Martin is one of the best in the area. He can help couples create a secular and non-religious wedding ceremony that is meaningful and relevant. Martin puts in the effort to know the both of you for a genuine, deeply felt, and also fun service.

He can make the couple and guests feel involved in the ceremony. By creating engaging and sincere programs, he makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Aside from officiating, he offers secular marriage preparation classes, too.

  1. Rob McDonald

Rob MacDonald

An officiant who can make everyone in attendance feel welcome and involved is a pure gift. You can have that for your wedding through Rob’s talent and heart. He is warm and has a great sense of humor. He makes memorable ceremonies that you, family, and friends can look back on for years to come.

Through his engaging ways, he can take your love story and make a true celebration of your union. If you’re looking for a bilingual officiant, you’ll be pleased to know that Rob is fluent in French and English. If you need more convincing, just check out his testimonials. Couples can attest to his magical gift.

  1. Anne Houston

Anne Houston

Photo by: annehoustonofficiant.com

If it’s the experience you want, you can’t possibly go wrong with Anne Houston. She’s performed over 5000 weddings of different faiths, cultures, and the LGBTQA. You shouldn’t worry about getting pre-made ceremonies, she customizes to the couple, it’s going to be special, and it’s yours to remember, for a lifetime.

Anne is a professional and is known for her light-hearted demeanor. You’ll be pleased to know that you can just sit back and relax with her as your officiant, you will have a treasured day for sure.

  1. Kettle Creek Weddings

Kettle Creek Weddings

Another group of licensed wedding officiants, Kettle Creek Weddings is also a popular choice among many couples. They go by their mantra of “passion, professionalism, and personal.” True to their word, they strive to perform completely customized ceremonies that mirror your story.

They offer different packages and choices so you can decide which best works for you. It is your wedding day after all, and they prioritize what’s important to you.






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