10 Top Photography Studio in Toronto

Whether there’s an important milestone in one’s life or not, people these days love to have great photos to capture special moments. This trend has increased the demand for photography – may that be for an indoor or outdoor setting. So, whether you are looking for a commercial photo studio, pre-wedding, or wedding photoshoot studio, we’ve got you covered! Check out these amazing photo studios around Toronto (Ontario). You can also rent them for birthday shoots, branding shoots, newborn shoots, holiday shoots and more.

Best Photo Studio Rentals in Toronto

1. Bellamy Loft

Apart from its convenient location, you will love the the beautiful, blank and chic interior of Bellamy Loft’s indoor photo studio in North York. It features large windows for natural lights, white walls and grey white-washed flooring.

What’s even more exciting is that it’s located right next to our sister company, VintageBASH, where you can have easy access to beautiful props & furniture rentals. You can rent any decor at a discounted rate when you book Bellamy Loft.

Bellamy Loft can also be used for special events like weddings, corporate meetings and workshops.

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com (click here to book)
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, ON M3K1Z
  • parking: free parkings within the plaza
  • location features: located at the ground floor, located right across the Downsview station, about 10 minutes away from Yorkdale mall

2. Mint Room Studios

mint room studiosPerfect for wedding, family and fashion photos, the Mint Room studios has over 5000 feet of space for shooting and 6 studio rooms which include Ballroom, Conservatory, Library, Lounge on the third floor, and White Loft and the Nest on the second floor. The setting of every space is stunning which no doubt compliment with the whatever motif or theme you want. Apart from the Minto Room Studios, the Preto Loft, which is another addition to their studios, feature concrete accented walls with gorgeous interiors. Preto Loft is located in 213 Sterling Road,which is just 5 minutes from Mint Room Studios.

  • website: www.mintroom.ca
  • address: 300 Campbell Ave, Unit #300, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 3V6

3. Lovt Studios

LOVT Studio
You will love the natural lights in the LOVT Studio which is perfect for different types of photoshoots may it be portrait or for commercial usage. Its old factory windows give it a dramatic industrial and classic touch. You can choose between the LOVT West, LOVT Boutique and LOVT East studios. The LOVT West is a loft style space with 14-ft ceiling facing the windows. The LOVT Boutique is a corner space with double factory windows and 18-feet ceiling. And lastly, the LOVT East which is a fully furnished mid century artist loft and creative space in Corktown Toronto.

4. OBJX Studio

OBJX Studio
Isn’t it nice to access a studio any time of the day? OBJ Creative Studio has a 24/7 access to its lounge and shooting areas. Yes, you can shoot anytime of the day in its lovely spaces. You can even use prebuilt sets and props to make your photos look beautiful and unique. For sure, the end result would be something you will definitely be proud of.

5. Studio By House

Studio By House
Their two massive studios, measuring 1500 square feet and 2000 square feet, is good for those who hate clutter while working. Studio A is a rustic loft with Bohemian and mid-century style featuring farmhouse moldings, 5 textured walls, artisan stone effect floors, and curated furniture and props. Meanwhile, Studio B has timeless French aesthetic with modern styling. Apart from the luxurious furniture, you can also get natural lighting from three large windows.

6. THAT Toronto Studio

THAT Toronto Studio
A fully-equipped and fully-furnished studio for your boutique photography studio rental needs. This can be rented hourly or daily so you can capture beautiful photographs. Aside from its convenient and strategical location, the studio is filled with natural light which adds beauty and appeal to every photo you take.

7. Album Studio

Album Studio
Album has four different high-end studios features various spaces that will be the perfect place for your photoshoot. It provides plenty of room for clients and merchandise. Every studio has a unique feature. For instance, Studio B, which is its popular studio, has a private entrance and tons of controllable window light for maximum creative control and convenience.

8. Revprint Studio 205

Revprint Studio 205
Revprint Studio 205 aims to provide high quality lighting and friendly customer service to everyone who is looking for high quality studio rental. Its paces make shooting fun and creative. Because of its complete set-up, it is more efficient than traditional studio offerings. It is the only studio in the GTA with bookings that also include a studio technician and Elinchrom equipment. The space can be rented for four hours during the week for $145, or for full eight hours at $252.

  • website: www.revprint.com
  • address:146 Thirtieth St #205, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3C4, Canada

9. Neighbourhood Studios

Neighbourhood Studios
Neighbourhood Studios has three different studios that you can choose from. Studio 1 is 2,500 sq.ft. of modular space and 1,500 sq.ft. of private terrace. Stuio 2 has a smaller modular space of 1,500 sq. ft. with the same size for a private terrace. Both areas have concrete flooring and frosted glass window. Both studios can be combined as one featuring a workstation with some equipment included for rental.

10. Vintage Light Studios

Vintage Light Studios
No doubt, this is one of the best place to create your next great photography or videography project. It features vintage furniture under a 13′ ceilings, and textured backgrounds. The studio also has huge west-facing windows which provide natural light which can have a positive effect to photography.

Sometimes, the challenge of arising when you cannot find a good venue for the photoshoot. Good thing that there are beautiful studios available for rental. The look of the location has a big impact on the output of the photography session.

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