10 Top Wedding Caterers in Toronto (Ontario)

With the vast number of caterers in the wedding industry, finding one that would be a perfect fit is indeed a difficult task. No worries, we’ve rounded up Toronto’s best caterers for weddings. Look over these 10 wonderful companies that offers wedding catering packages, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one to suit your needs.

Best Wedding Catering Companies (Toronto & GTA)

  1. KACE Catering

Toronto Wedding Catering

Versatility is a selling point, not all catering services can provide. However, that is certainly not the case with KACE Catering, a full-service catering company operating out of North York. Whether grand or intimate, elegant, or fun, KACE Catering’s guarantee is an experience tailor-made for you.

Without reservation, KACE Catering fields a team of experienced event planners, chefs, and service staff that collaborate to create exactly the kind of wedding catering you need. In addition, their full-service offering includes venue rentals, customized menus, and bar services among others.

  1. Kiss the Cook

Kiss the Cook Toronto Catering

It’s proper to start a list of top wedding caterers with the top-notch catering services of Kiss the Cook. Through the leadership of its owner-entrepreneur Fia Pagnello, Kiss the Cook has made a name for itself. It is now one of the best full-service custom catering services in the Greater Toronto area.

With an experienced team of professional chefs, event planners, and servers, Kiss the Cook’s promise is a wedding catering service that’s professional, accommodating, and efficient. Indeed, you need only to review their extensive clientele to appreciate the kind of catering caliber they bring to your wedding. For that reason, Kiss the Cook can make your wedding celebration no one will soon forget.

  1. Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel

Tried and tested is a criterion for world-class catering services. That is to say, Daniel et Daniel establishes itself as the industry standard. All other wedding providers should strive to achieve the benchmark set.

At Daniel et Daniel catering, you are the center. To emphasize, their knowledgeable team of catering consultants collaborates with you to create a tailored catering experience. Employing the latest culinary trends and serving only the best tasting food, your Daniel et Daniel catered wedding will be the talk of your guests for months to come.

  1. Victor Dries

Victor Dries

Led by the eponymous Toronto chef duo of Chris Brown and Grant van Gameran, Victor Dries is a catering service built upon a passion and love for great tasting food. Having catered their own weddings, Chris and Grant know exactly what it takes to make a unique and memorable culinary experience on your special day.

Certainly, you want to put a face on the service you avail of. Chris and Grant share an inordinate amount of experience between them and having them at the helm of the gastronomic delights for the evening will surely put you at ease. Afterward, just wait for all your guests to thank you for the absolutely amazing food that you served.

  1. The Food Dudes

The Food Dudes

If it’s a modern flair you’re looking for, then The Food Dudes should be right up your alley. Founded in 2007 as a small home-based operation in Toronto, the Food Dudes has skyrocketed to wedding catering stardom. Led by Executive Chef Adrian Niman and partnering with Creative Director Brent McClenehan, they molded the Food Dudes as the hippest and most innovative foodservice this side of Canada.
Indeed, dynamic and sophistication can best describe the Food Dudes’ catering experience. Apart from using only the best quality ingredients in all their food preparations, they do this all with a unique and modern flair that only they can provide. To that end, the Food Dudes catering is as exciting and out-of-the-box as they come.

  1. 10tation Event Catering

10tation Catering

Polish and glamour are qualities to look for in a wedding celebration. For 10tation Event Catering, this is almost second-nature to the services they provide. Having over 20 years of operational experience, 10tation Event Catering is a well-recognized industry staple in the Greater Toronto area.

Hiring only the best professional cooks and chefs, 10tation Event Catering provides an outstanding culinary experience to satisfy your love and passion for food. In particular, they have over 50 qualified chefs on their roster and they also have their own dedicated pastry department. Smooth, glamorous, and seamlessly polished, 10tation Event Catering is one of the best services around.

  1. Marigolds & Onions

Marigolds & Onions

For hassle-free weddings, sometimes a one-stop catering option is your best bet. In that regard, Marigold & Onions is arguably one of the most convenient and reliable all-in-one catering services to make your special day a memorable one.

With over 20 years of catering experience, wedding celebrations are Marigold and Onions’ bread and butter. They can provide a slew of different venues and locations while providing a culinary smorgasbord that’ll be the envy of your social circles. Complete with a customizable menu and specialty cakes, Marigold & Onions stands to give you a breeze of a celebration.

  1. The Drake

Probably the most unique entry on this list is The Drake. It is better known for its real estates properties such as the Drake Hotel or Drake One Fifty. However, underneath all that is also boast a robust catering service that can compete with the best the industry has to offer.

Considered one of the leading caterers in the Toronto area, the Drake Catering promise is a creative culinary occurrence brimming with personality. Cooking from their in-house facilities at Sterling Road, the Drake Experience is said to “blur the line between dining and art”.

  1. Toben Food by Design

If there ever was a catering service with a global appeal, it’s Toben Food by Design. Established in 2005, Toben Food by Design is led by award-winning Chef Toben, a graduate of the Cordon Blue School of Culinary Arts in Paris. He took the Toronto catering industry by storm with his penchant for premium-quality food and penchant for dining perfection.

Indeed, Toben Food by Design is an exercise in culinary excellence. They provide first-class food inspired by trendsetters and traditions from around the world. Take your guests through an international tasting spree with Toben Food as your caterer.

  1. Tita Flips

It’s not often that Filipino cuisine is the anchor of wedding catering. Nevertheless, Tita Flips takes this notion and “flips” it on its head to deliver what is the most exotic and enigmatically delicious catering service on this list.

Certainly, Tita Flips has made a name for itself as a full-service catering offering delectable, authentic Filipino food. They have drawn from culinary experience since the 1980s in their Philippine homeland. They’ve brought that unique experience to Toronto to share not only for the Filipino community but for everyone with a love and passion for good food.


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