10 Top PR Firms & Agencies in Toronto (Ontario)

If you are a brand looking to reach a specific market, get media attention, improve social media presence, and create new ideas for events and marketing, you need a good public relations firm to achieve those goals. Having a good team of experts that can create compelling stories to make the right kind of noise is crucial for proper publicity, success, and revenue.

We’ve listed our top 10 PR firms in Toronto below. We hope you find the right fit for you and your brand!

Best Public Relation Firms in Toronto (Canada)

  1. Brand Glow Up

PR Agency Toronto

PR Agency Toronto

With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Brand Glow up has catered to and helped grow different brands here and abroad. Because of this, they are experts in brand strategy, web development, SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, and other web services.

With your brand’s growth in mind, they are committed to working with you to reach your goals and target market.


  1. Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives
Photo credit: https://www.strategicobjectives.com

If you’re a brand that’s looking for a way to connect with your audience in the most authentic way possible, Strategic Objectives will do that for you. Of course, they promise results with their years of experience, trusted strategies, and original ideas.

They are experts in services that include media or blogger relations, social media marketing, events, brand reimagination, influence marketing, brand and product launches, experiential, and so much more. Everything and anything under the PR umbrella, they’ve got you covered.

Having said that, they are passionate about not only showcasing your brand but more importantly establishing brand loyalty and business success.


  1. Rock-It Promotions

Rock-It Promotions
Photo credit: http://rockitpromo.com

Rock-It Promotions is one of Canada’s leading boutique lifestyle agencies that guarantee recognition, volume, and quality. If you want people to know your brand, they commit to making that happen.

Their services include media relations, events, social media management, experiential marketing, and more. They specialize in different industries ranging from entertainment to charities. They work hard and smart to make sure you get your ROI.


  1. Harbinger

Photo credit: https://www.harbingerideas.com

Harbinger takes pride in knowing the Canadian market. They have over 30 years of expertise in launching different brands and products in Canada.

They have serviced different industries from food, beauty, and even finance. In addition, their services include but are not limited to launches, multi-channel content strategy, influencer marketing, social and community management, and digital advertising.

Altogether, they take pride in the fact that their clients get the results they came for and stay for the service and results that the company continues to provide.


  1. Apex Public Relations Inc.

Apex Public Relations
Photo credit: https://www.apexpr.com

This award-winning company hustles hard for their clients. That is, their aim is to bring your brand close to the people who need to see it.

In particular, they do so with their creative ideas through social media, marketing, and events. Whether you’re a new brand or a company that wants to see results, Apex delivers and they do it well.


  1. Pointman News Creation

Pointman News Creation
Photo credit: https://pointmannc.com

Here is a company that believes in success through properly executed ideas and better tactics. Their past experience as journalists have allowed them to create pitches that are both unique and engaging.

They don’t believe in conforming with the easy and normal, they like to go beyond to get you the media attention you need to get real results asap.


  1. Label 428

Label 428 Photo credit: https://www.label428.com[/caption]

A company that specializes in the food and beverage industry, Label 428 has a specific niche they stick to and they’re really good at it. Evidently, their main goal is to make sure you sell your products well.

They provide short-form videos showing how tasty your products are, lifestyle photography, social media management, advertising photography, and graphic design.


  1. Talk Shop

Talk Shop Media
Photo credit: https://www.talkshopmedia.com

Despite the trend of going all out on digital media, Talk Shop gracefully blends traditional media relations, social media, influencer marketing, and experiential marketing. Certainly, their tested approach is sure to deliver results regardless of where you currently stand in your business.

If you want to enhance sales, launch a brand, or create awareness, they promise results by creating exposure in the most common ways your audience consumes information.


  1. Anamorphiq

    Photo credit: https://www.anamorphiq.com

This company believes in delivering results through increased brand awareness and protecting the brand’s reputation. This way, they take you closer to your target consumers while creating confidence and brand loyalty.

Particularly, they specialize in digital marketing using connections with journalists and influencers to build a better business for you.


  1. The Mint Agency

The Mint Agency
Photo credit: https://www.themintagency.com

If you want a firm that pushes towards innovation and continued growth, The Mint Agency may be the perfect fit. They like to push boundaries in order to bring your brand to greater heights.

They work to make memorable campaigns that are relevant to your brand’s target market. Not to mention, their services include experiential marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and so much more.


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