5+ Prettiest Wedding Venues for Nikkah Ceremony in Toronto (Ontario)

The traditional Islamic marriage ceremony, commonly called a Nikkah, is where the marriage contract is signed by the couple. Wherever you are in the world, you can most definitely observe your culture and tradition. It’s important to first figure out your non-negotiables about what you want to incorporate into your Muslim wedding. Once you’ve got that covered, you can go on to decide on other matters such as the venue.

Choose a location that will allow you to observe all the traditions you want to have during your special day. Here we have 5 pretty wedding venues for nikah ceremonies in Toronto. Indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both, have a colorful and lively celebration of your love with your dearest family and friends at one of these charming locations.

nikka wedding ceremony venues in toronto (ontario)

1. Bellamy Loft

The multifunctional and bright space of Bellamy Loft is undoubtedly the perfect venue for your Nikah ceremony. It is the favorite choice among couples who prefer intimate celebrations. Airy with high ceilings, it can easily accommodate up to 80 guests for a seated affair with a dance floor to spare and 150 guests for a cocktail reception.

Design it any way you want – traditional, cultural, or themed. They have partnered with the best vendors in the wedding industry, too. From stylists, caterers, and photographers, your essentials are covered. You can avail of their all-inclusive packages for stress-free planning or simply ask their team for their suggestions to help make your vision a reality.

2. Royal Ontario Golf Club

Royal Ontario Golf Course

The Royal Ontario Golf Club gives you the best of both worlds. It has a spacious and beautiful outdoor area and a grand indoor space. You may choose to have your Nikah ceremony and signing of your contract in the lush greenery. It is a stunning space that can be decorated any way you want for a gorgeous garden setting. You will also have acres of different areas to have your photo and video shoot taken after the ceremony.

For your reception party, you can have a majestic celebration indoors. Royal Ontario Golf Club’s Lionhead Golf & Conference Centre has several rooms to accommodate your event. With spacious layout options and a central bar, you will be able to design it exactly the way you dreamed your wedding to be.

3. York Mills Gallery

York Mills Gallery

York Mills Galleries is a unique venue with an urban-industrial vibe that gives a very distinct character to any kind of event styling. The YMG properties are divided into two separate spaces that can accommodate a maximum of 650 seated guests and 1000 guests for cocktails. If you have a large family and want to invite them all along with your friends, you’ll definitely have enough space here.

You can choose between buffet, cocktail reception, family-style, food stations, and plated menu for the reception of your liking. It is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests and have both your ceremony and reception in the same area. With proper styling and decors, it will be a magnificent location for your Nikah ceremony and the following celebration.

4. Eglinton West Gallery

Eglinton West Gallery

Eglinton West Gallery is a loft-style event venue that has distinct city brick and industrial age beamed ceilings. It is a 28,000 square foot facility that is surrounded by drapery and windows. Decorate it to your liking to look exactly the way you envisioned your big day. You can divide the galleries or rent the whole space for your wedding. It can conveniently seat up to 350 guests or have 650 guests for a cocktail reception.

You can choose to have fewer guests and convert the space into a ceremony and reception area. It’s an all-in-one venue that offers you the option to have outstanding food and beverage options as well as top-notch customer service for your wedding day.

6. Paradise Banquet Hall

Paradise Banquet Hall

Paradise Banquet Hall is indeed a wonderland for events. It has 6 outstanding ballroom venues that offer unique settings to suit your preference. However, you need to check out their garden. It is a true gem where you can have the Nikah ceremony you’ve always wanted. It features a white Victorian bridge that leads directly into one of their elegant ballrooms and a romantic gazebo that is undeniably picture perfect.

Quality and customer satisfaction are on top of their priority list. Their menu can be customized to your liking and they also have expert event consultants to bring your plans to fruition. They have trusted partners that you can book to get the best services for a stress-free wedding day, too. Beautiful and excellent in every way, that is Paradise Banquet Hall.

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