5 Best Toronto Venues with Small Wedding Packages for 25-50 guests

The safety restrictions that are put in place because of the pandemic pushed wedding vendors to think quickly on their feet and offer packages that allow these milestones in life to be celebrated. To add, celebrating with a small number of guests makes the bride and groom more mindful and letting them only choose people who matter most to them. We get that choosing a venue or even wedding packages at these trying times is overwhelming. We got you as we gathered the five best venues that offer small or intimate wedding packages you can check out and see which one is perfect for you.

1.Bellamy Loft

Toronto Micro Wedding Venue

Let their team how you want your wedding to be and they’ll gladly execute it for you. Starting off with an amazing indoor venue that can be dressed up any way you want it and easily customizable packages that focuses on your preference and event needs, Bellamy Loft is perfect for you. Check out their portfolio and see how stunning their setups are. It’s hard to find a trustworthy wedding vendor in these times but rest assured, they are one of the best! Set up a meeting with their team and let them bring your dream wedding to life.

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2.The Manor

The Manor Venue

If only we can live in The Manor for the rest of our lives, we would gladly have. They have stunning indoor and outdoor venues that are perfect for any occasion. Since the venues are well-kept and maintained, it’s easier to dress up the place and accentuate its beauty more. Your guests would love the lush landscape outside with the picturesque lake on the side. Furthermore, they offer a small wedding package that will work well with guests less than 50. Truly an amazing venue for a once in a lifetime event.

3.Royal Ashburn Golf Club

Royal Ashburn Golf Club Venue

With an in-house wedding coordinator who knows the venue best, weddings held in the Royal Ashburn Golf Club are always remarkable. The venue itself is stunning with its amazing amenities and breathtaking lush landscape that is just dreamy for outdoor weddings. In addition to this, they offer different wedding packages that suit your needs. Leave it to their team and have the wedding of your dreams without worrying too much.

4.Carmen’s Banquet Centre

Carmen's Banquet Centre Venue

In the business for nearly four decades, Carmen’s Banquet Centre is one of the go-to venues that also offer wedding packages. With experience in all kinds of events throughout the years, it just proves how flexible their team is and they know the ins and outs of their place. Easily customizable packages and excellent customer service, they sure know how to treat such events professionally. With them, you no longer have to worry as they got you and your partner!

5.York Mills Gallery

York Mills Gallery Venue

York Mills Gallery is a nice event place if you want to have a stunning set up with the advantage of all audio, video, and presentation capabilities that show beautiful and personal results. The venue is quite spacious that can cater to a huge number of attendees but may be customized to a smaller group depending on your preference. Dress it up depending on your preferred motif and easily have the wedding of your dreams with their team.

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