10 Best Places for Vegan Charcuterie Board & Picnic Boxes in Toronto

Charcuterie board and picnic boxes have grown in popularity over time because they are very versatile and transportable. If you’re looking to wind down or need a break regardless of what day it is, you can order a grazing board for yourself to enjoy on your own, with your partner, or friends. If you want to enjoy some cocktails and the sun, you can bring a box with you to the park or the beach.

This is such a great treat that anyone can enjoy. If you’re looking for a vegan grazing box or charcuterie box, look no further. We have got you covered. Made with vegan cheeses and all things yummy that makes grazing spreads a true favorite indulgence, here are the 10 best places for vegan charcuterie board and picnic boxes in Toronto.

  1. KACE Catering

KACE Catering is a trusted name in the events scene. They are known for their grazing spreads that are now available in boxes for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere. Known for their flexibility and willingness to accommodate all dietary restrictions, they are a top choice for vegan options. They actually have a Vegan Charcuterie Box on their menu and this is customizable to your needs and preferences. You can choose to remove their vegan meats or add other food items and drinks.

KACE Catering also offers vegan charcuterie board delivery services. Simply order and let them know of any requests. They will handle everything from there. Sit back and expect the best quality grazing spread to be sent to your home.

  1. Floralbash

Floralbash is a true one-stop-shop for special occasions and just because thoughtful gift-giving. Aside from their beautiful arrangements, they also have gourmet grazing boxes available in their shop. Under a team that prioritizes customer satisfaction, all their boxes are customizable. Whether these are requests to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, or whatnot, they will find ways to adjust for you.

They have a special vegan charcuterie board box that includes cured vegan meats, seasonal vegan cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, sweets, dips nuts, vegan crackers/breadsticks, or artisan bread.

  1. The Living Platter

The Living Platter features a vegan-friendly menu that you will absolutely love. Not only do their platters look amazing, but they are also absolutely delicious too. They carry different types that will suit different occasions, preferences, and circumstances. All are made using vegan and gluten-free premium ingredients. They have one for brunch, individual grazing boxes that you can send out to friends for a Zoom party, and larger ones for gatherings.

There’s no doubting the caliber and quality of their products as they have worked with big brands and companies such as Lululemon, SoCan, the Content Planner, Jillian Harris, and the Fairmont Royal York.

  1. The Graze Catering and Events

Graze Catering & Events

Graze Catering and Events is not your typical catering company. For events, they help you plan and customize it to make sure it’s all you want to be. They will be sure to be in charge of the set-up, rentals, staffing, and delivery necessary for your spread to be amazing. They provide vegan charcuterie catering too.

In fact, their Graze Vegan Cheese Box is one of their best-sellers. This box includes a selection of local vegan cheeses by Culchered, fresh fruit, dip, artisanal crackers, and their seasonal local jellies.

  1. The Crave 6ix

Specializing in luxury charcuterie spreads, The Crave 6ix offers convenience and delicious goodness for customers all over the GTA. They have a special Vegan Mood box that serves 2-3 people. This features three vegan kinds of cheese, two types of crackers, one bread, nuts, one savory dip, one sweet dip, and sweets.

  1. Cured Catering Toronto

Cured is a local business passionate about providing excellent charcuterie trays and dessert boxes with outstanding customer service. They have several charcuterie offers including vegetarian trays and a vegan box. Their vegan offering features an assortment of pickled vegetables, preserves, olives, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit. This is good to serve 1-2 people.

  1. The Graze Anatomy

Graze Anatomy is the brainchild of a professional food stylist that has taken her expertise to design and style grazing boxes and platters. When you look at their yummy selections, you may think that there are no vegan options. Good news, they do! All platters and boxes from The Graze Anatomy are fully customizable according to your dietary needs. Be it vegan, gluten-free, halal, nut-free, or vegetarian. Let them know what you need and they will do their best to create the most perfect box for you.

  1. The Social Herbivore

The Social Herbivore is backed by two amazing women who are eager in providing remarkable vegan wines and wine pairings to the community. They have an amazing vegan charcuterie board available in their shop. This features two dairy-free kinds of cheese from Wandering Deli, faux pepperettes along with sweet and spicy pickles from Sausage Party, caramelized nuts from Pigout Mealess Munchies, truffle spread from Vegan Stokes, crackers, and baguette.

Upon ordering, Master Sommelier and one of the founders, Jennifer Huether will send her curated wine list that will pair perfectly with the items included in the board.

  1. Culcherd

Culcherd is a favorite among vegans because they provide dairy-alternative products using plants. They are a go-to for different products and as a matter of fact, many grazing companies rely on their selection to include in their platters and boxes.

Their shop features their very own plant-based charcuterie board kit. This includes all tasty vegan local products such as Culcherd’s Holiday Cheese and Sharp & Smoky Cheese, pickles, kalamata pitted olives, cranberry sage crackers, simple seed crackers, and hot red pepper jelly.

  1. Vince’s

Vince’s Market is a staple grocer that has several locations all over Ontario. They provide the freshest produce, meat, deli, and bakery. Part of their shop includes baskets and they have a special vegan charcuterie available. This features sunflower kitchen beet hummus, original cultured cheese, Jesse Tree Olives hot, Raincoast crisps, applewood vegan cheese, Snyders pretzels, cherry tomatoes, and deluxe nuts.


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