5 Top Venues Offering All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

Weddings ought to be perfect, and with that, we choose to select separate pieces of the puzzle to create a perfect whole. From flower arrangements to the wedding menu, the duty of individually searching, planning, contacting, and paying entities is a true struggle that can be eliminated. Who needs unnecessary stress on your big day? Honey, the answer is no one. It’s a misconception that an ‘all-in-one’ context does not meet the certain level of perfection of intricate selection. However, take note, all-inclusive packages offer an immense sense of flexibility to meet your standards and your own definition of perfection. If you’re looking to effortlessly attain the wedding of your dreams, here’s the top 5 Toronto’s all-inclusive wedding venues.

Toronto all-inclusive Wedding Venues (Ontario)

1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft lives by the decree of a glowing, stress-free bride and groom. Beyond the artistic venue and decorations, the provided wedding coordinator works to turn your dream wedding into a reality. May it be food catering and makeup or a DJ and a photographer, you name it, Bellamy Loft is all-inclusive. Conveniently, it’s a humble abode of privacy and intimacy with your family and friends!

Explore their add-on services to complete your checklist, schedule an appointment to get started!

2. The Gem Hunter’s Lodge

Gem Hunter's Lounge
Photo credit: www.lodgeonqueen.club

The Gem Hunter’s Lodge’s trademark is their Worry-Free Weddings, and by the sound of that, it says it all — no explanations needed. Along with a rustic, boho venue, their in-house wedding planner will ensure to organize your wedding your way. Additionally, they give ‘all-inclusive’ a new meaning, the Lodge has got it covered from an open bar, to candle and floral arrangements, and all the way to a provided bride and groom suite.

As they say, the evening is truly yours. Get in touch with the Lodge and start off the red carpet entrance that you deserve.

3. District 28

District 28
Photo credits: www.district28.ca/

District 28 masters their three levels of all-inclusivity. Along with their venue, their Gold, Platinum, and Diamond all-inclusive packages offer you with flexibility and autonomy as desired. All three packages allow you to paint your dream wedding in terms of your reception area, harvest tables and chairs, an option of course meals or food stations, types of glassware, and all the unimaginable details of your flawless big day.

Dive deep into the details of your defined perfection, and learn more on their varied all-inclusive packages.

4. Estates of Sunnybrook

Estates of Sunnybrook
Photo credits: estatesofsunnybrook.com

The Estates of Sunnybrook changes the wedding game with their absolutely beautiful views and landscapes. On top of grandeur, you cannot go wrong with their three venues.

Historic homes, landscaped gardens, walk-out patios, full-service catering — the list goes on. The perfect space, the perfect ceremony, the perfect day, just for you.

Best of luck attempting to choose among their three breath-taking venues, better get a head-start on it!

5. Toronto Wedding Chapel

It’s a middle ground between stylish, elegant, and affordable. Undoubtedly, nothing yells intimate more than a chapel wedding! The Toronto Wedding Chapel caters all-inclusive packages for a wide range of ceremonies. From a standard civil ceremony, they can also perform religious, cultural, and commitment ceremonies to match your vision. A wedding is the joining of two hearts — stay intimate with your loved ones right in the heart of the city, as they sit in mid-town Toronto.

The Toronto Wedding Chapel is equipped to turn the space into what you have got in mind, it’s turning your vision into reality!

If you’re looking to explore the degree of customizing your wedding ceremony, Toronto Wedding Chapel will gladly fill you in with your inquiries.

“Wedding planning is the complete recipe for disaster and exhaustion,”– that is an entire misconception of mentality. Never dread the planning! Achieving your perfect wedding does not have to be all disastrous and exhausting. We’ve pinned down the top 5 venues offering all-inclusive wedding packages. Trust your visual taste, choose a venue, and you’ve got yourself a planned wedding. Keep up the in-love glow as your perfect day approaches!

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