10+ Reputable Wedding Officiants in Toronto (Ontario)

A wedding checklist is usually comprised of the venue, styling, food, photographer, music, and the wedding dress. You’d want to make sure that people have an enjoyable time and without noticing it, you may leave out one of the most important parts of your wedding day. When everything is said and done, a wedding cannot push through without a licensed officiant to.. well… wed you.

Choosing the right officiant for your big day is crucial. Aside from guiding you through the legal processes involved in getting married, you will let this person tell your story as a couple. If you want your wedding day to be a true celebration of your love, you need the right wedding officiant to put together a ceremony that perfectly mirrors your union.

Make your wedding special with an officiant you trust. With our list of Toronto’s best-reviewed and top-rated officiants, your guests will not only talk about your reception. They will remember how beautiful your ceremony was as well.

best wedding officiants in toronto (ontario)

1. Bellamy Loft Officiant Services

Check out Bellamy Loft’s beautifully curated wedding officiant packages. They also offer all-inclusive wedding ceremony packages to make wedding planning easier for you. E.g. add-ons including photography, videography, reception, background music, choice of your venue, flowers, and much more! You can use their officiant services on-site and off-site. The goal is to make wedding ceremonies as easy as possible for couples.

2. GTA Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant Ontario

GTA Ceremonies is a group of professional and legal wedding officiants offering a range of wedding ceremony packages and inclusive packages. You can use their wedding officiant services on-site and off-site. It’s a sister company of Bellamy Loft.

3. The Marrying Lady

The Marrying Lady
Photo Credit: www.sheisthemarryinglady.com

Tade Credgeur, also known as the Marrying Lady, takes your love story and masterfully tells it as she officiates your wedding. She is a popular choice among couples because she handles any wedding at any budget. Be sure to check out her website to check her services at length.

If you want to honor your culture or religion, she can do that. If you want a simple elopement, she can do that as well. The Marrying Lady lives up to her name. Just as long as love reigns true, she’ll definitely marry you.

4. Enduring Promises

Enduring Promises

Composed of experienced and licensed wedding officiants, Enduring Promises is a group of individuals with a genuine passion for marriages and relationships. They want your wedding day to reflect your beliefs, personalities, and most importantly showcase your love as a couple.

Not only do they provide the typical service of officiants, but they also guide you and make sure they personalize your wedding. We know them for their professionalism from inquiry until the application of your marriage certificate.

5. Wedding Officiant Canada

Wedding Officiant Canada
Photo Credit: https://www.francesmorency.com

This group of wedding officiants takes pride in being detail-oriented. They have become one of Toronto’s top-rated officiants because of their ability to deliver weddings that are meaningful, engaging, and full of life.

Their team understands the need for a warm atmosphere that radiates how you, as a couple, feel. Since they’ve started, they have performed unique kinds of weddings. They are flexible and customize their programs according to each couple. As a result, their clients have always been more than happy and satisfied. If you have a way, you want your ceremony to be, consider it done with Wedding Officiant Canada.

6. Ceremonies with Choice

Ceremonies with Choice

Martin Frith, the man behind Ceremonies with Choice offers secular, non-religious wedding ceremonies. His body of work is weddings that have served not only to be memorable but deeply meaningful to each couple he has worked with.

He will give you options regarding the ceremony, working with you to make sure that this day will resonate only with what is true to both of you as a couple.

7. Garry Francis

Gerry Francis

Garry has constantly been part of the best officiant lists since he started presiding over weddings. Because of his warm nature, he is the person who you will immediately be comfortable with once you meet him. He’s personable, deeply caring, and kind. In like manner, these same attributes shine during ceremonies he officiates.

He guides you from the beginning of planning until it’s done. His professionalism and ability to create a ceremony unique to each couple is truly something special to have in a wedding officiant.

8. Kettle Creek Weddings

Kettle Creek Weddings
Photo Credit: https://samanthaongphoto.com

Kettle Creek is another group of licensed wedding officiants known for their ability to make wedding ceremonies special. They offer different kinds of choices so you are completely in control of what they say and what happens during your big day.

This group is passionate about giving only their best for their couples. They are a team that goes by their three mantras of passion, professionalism, and personal.

9. Wedding Heaven

Alex Rajak

Alex Rajak of Wedding Heaven wants your wedding ceremony to be a small piece of heaven that you can look back on in years to come. He has performed hundreds upon hundreds of ceremonies, all with professionalism and class.

Alex promises a stress-free, light, and personable wedding ceremony for his clients. In that regard, he works well with couples to ensure that the spotlight remains on their special story.

His website also contains helpful links including wedding ceremony vow samples and a wedding ceremony checklist to help you start your planning.

10. Weddings by Wayde

Wedding by Wayde

Wayde Salmon specializes in ceremonies that remain intimate and beautiful regardless of the guest size. Indeed, he works closely with couples to make their special ceremony their own. From traditional to light with humor, he does it all with grace and class.

He makes sure you’re calm throughout the entire ordeal. Wayde works hard to deliver a heartfelt ceremony that reflects both your personalities. He is kind and personable and his character is clear in the way he conducts his work.

9. All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

With over 30 years of wedding officiant experience, Jeremy Citron, the man behind All You Need Is Love, offers different kinds of wedding services. He works with couples to ensure that each ceremony is uniquely catered to them.

Jeremy can accommodate any inclusion requests for the ceremony. He is knowledgeable in different religions and cultures and will gladly incorporate this into your wedding day.

10. Weddings for Everyone

Weddings for Everyone

Beth MacKenzie of Weddings for Everyone understands the importance of making the wedding ceremony personalized to the couple. She assists you in planning to make the best day of your life truly unforgettable.

She makes sure that your wedding is exactly how you want it to be done. With this in mind, if it’s a unique or non-traditional ceremony you want, you can trust Beth to get the job done.

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