5 Best Wedding Packages for Gay Couples in Toronto

The phrase “love knows no boundaries” came about centuries ago but its absolute meaning has only been understood during our era. Though some are still unwelcoming, there are a lot more reasons for us to focus on the beauty and true meaning of love. The communities that accept the boundless meaning of love have been continuously emerging nowadays. And to our delight, wedding packages for gay couples are keeping up with the significant change. So if you’re planning to tie the knot soon, we have rounded up five of the best wedding packages for same-sex marriages in Toronto.

1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft same sex marriageGay Couples Wedding Toronto

What perfect way to celebrate the boundless love of same-sex couples by having a limitless wedding package? Bellamy Loft is an event venue that is best for micro weddings as it can be styled up to anything you can imagine – more importantly, during these pandemic times when strict regulations and health protocols have to be followed. It has partners that provide full-service event needs such as VintageBash along with FloralBash’s bloom arrangements, and KACE Catering’s mouthwatering food servicing that can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Made safer for all couples i love, they offer free online consultations. So head to their website now and connect with them!

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada

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2. Toronto Wedding Chapel

Finally finding your true love deserves to be celebrated. Bring it to the next level with Toronto Wedding Chapel’s wedding package for gay couples. Not only do they provide economical packages, but also create stunning event styles and decors to fit any kind of personalities of couples to wed. They offer wedding packages for intimate ceremonies starting at $595.00 CAD and stretches to a more extravagant package for a larger celebration. Check out their website to see how you fit!

3. Palais Royale

Palais Royale wedding packages for gay couplesTie the knot with the beautiful skyline of Toronto as your backdrop! Palais Royale offers a variety of venues and packages that could be perfect for you and your partner. If you want to enjoy the rich and elegant design of their space, you can opt for indoor venues. Aside from exquisite venues, they also have in-house partners that could provide you with everything you need, be it for coordinators, food catering, or audiovisual services, they got you covered. Have a chit-chat with them to have your ceremony customized!

4. Weddings with Lori

Weddings with LoriCommence your deeper journey in love with the packages of Weddings with Lori. If you want the quickest process for your ceremony, they offer a short declaration to meet the Marriage Act requirements that only require a couple of friends’ presence. This option starts at $225.00 CAD for couples in the Toronto area while those outside can avail of this for $325.00 CAD. In addition to that, you can also opt to enjoy the full wedding packages for gay couples this venue offers that start off at $425.00 CAD. So accelerate your journey in love and avail their services!

5. Sarah Bunnett-Gibson

Sarah Bunett-Gibson“Love is our true destiny…”, as Sarah herself said. And for those who already found their destiny, it doesn’t matter in what shape or form they were born in. The idea of spending the rest of your life with your destiny is something that reinvigorates the soul. Sarah provides one of the best wedding packages for gay couples that could be the one you’re looking for. Begin your journey by scheduling your online consultation with her.

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