Wedding Planning Workshop & Courses in Toronto (North York)

Are you passionate about weddings and everything that goes into making them extraordinary? Whether planning your own special day, pursuing a career in wedding planning, or simply looking to enhance your skills, our Wedding Planning Workshop Classes in Toronto and North York are tailor-made for you.

In these wedding planning courses, you’ll learn the secrets to developing a unique presence as a wedding planner. You’ll also explore the technologies and current trends in the industry, including food and beverage, logistics, software applications, business tools, risk management, and more. 

So, what sets an outstanding wedding planner apart? By enrolling in our classes, you’ll gain insight into the qualities that distinguish the best in the business:


Being a well-organized and coordinated wedding planner, you can handle multiple tasks smoothly.

Attention to Detail 

As a wedding creative, you have to be meticulous about details. You also need to understand how important those details are for the event.

Good Listener 

With good listening skills, you can carefully articulate your client’s wishes and preferences to make them a reality.

Positive Attitude 

When cheerful, you can confidently help your clients navigate the wedding planning. 

In Our Wedding Planning Workshop & Courses, You’ll Learn…

  • Our meticulously structured and proven system for wedding planning.
  • How to conduct professional event planning consultations and assessments.
  • How to effectively employ event themes through collaboration with caterers, florists, event layout designers, and lighting experts to create a unified and impactful experience.
  • How to select the perfect event components tailored to your client’s needs.
  • Discover the crucial elements vital for a successful event.
  • How to proficiently consul, design, price, and oversee weddings of any scale.
  • How to skillfully analyze, coordinate, develop, and design various event elements like themes, lighting, schedules, and guest counts, all while accommodating diverse budgets.
  • The business aspect of wedding planning encompasses business establishment, pricing strategies, package design, vendor and supplier relationships, collaboration with caterers, brand development, market positioning, and more.
  • How to craft themes harmonizing with your client’s event goals, concepts, and visions.
  • Insider tips and trade secrets for both novices and seasoned event planners.
  • How to create event styles inspired by popular themes, suitable for occasions ranging from children’s birthdays to corporate product launches.
  • Essential guidelines on navigating vendor and supplier interactions, including the top “dos and don’ts.”
  • An extensive directory of vendors offering products and services.
  • How to expertly manage event logistics, including the creation of comprehensive timelines.

Combined Personalized Guidance and Interactive Learning 

Our wedding planning workshops provide personalized guidance to ensure your learnings reflect your vision, style, and preferences. We believe in hands-on, interactive learning experiences. That’s why we’ll help you gain practical skills you can use immediately, from creating mood boards to managing the logistics.

Workshop Dates and Registration 

Our wedding planning workshop and courses are held throughout the year, and we offer both weekday and weekend options to accommodate your schedule. To register for a workshop and secure your spot, contact or 647-995-5414.

Hurry, spots fill up fast.


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